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Internet Safety Tips

Dec. 08, 2023
The holidays have just begun, which means we will be relying on the internet more to share our lives on social media, do some online shopping, and catch up on all the movies and series we’ve been saving on our Netflix Watchlist. Despite the daily use of the internet, most

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Featured image for “A South African guide to D’zemba”

A South African guide to D’zemba

Dec. 04, 2023
For those of us staying in Cape Town and not traveling back home to the Eastern Cape for Christmas, you never need to worry about what to do in Cape Town this D’zemba. From endless beach days, creative markets and summer concerts, we’ve developed a guide to D’zemba this festive

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Khayelitsha’s Activist

Nov. 24, 2023
A frequent activist on the streets of Khayelitsha, Sera is no stranger to fighting injustices against black lesbians within communities. Despite more than 20 years of democracy, our communities are still faced with violence, oppression and hardships. LGBTQIA+ individuals are key members of the communities at large, and are therefore

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Featured image for “How to fix slow internet speeds at home”

How to fix slow internet speeds at home

Nov. 16, 2023
If you’re like everyone, you rely on a good internet connection to perform a variety of tasks each day. From streaming movies and TV shows to browsing and staying connected with friends and family on social media. A fast internet connection has become a necessity. Unfortunately, internet speeds in South

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Refer your chommie and save

Nov. 08, 2023
TooMuchWifi Referral Program It’s hard to count all the reasons to love TooMuchWifi, but here are 50! Refer your chommie to TooMuchWifi and get R50 deposited straight into your Wallet to use however you’d like.  Here’s how it works: First step is to make sure you have an account with

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Featured image for “Inspiration brings coffee to the Kasi”

Inspiration brings coffee to the Kasi

Nov. 02, 2023
Inspiration is defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something (especially creative)”. Sikelela Dibela saw the beauty in a perfect cup of coffee, inspiring him to go from a dishwasher to barista and eventually owning his own coffee shop. His passion and commitment inspired Siki

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Featured image for “How to buy a TooMuchWifi Hotspot Voucher ”

How to buy a TooMuchWifi Hotspot Voucher 

Oct. 24, 2023
Imagine this; you’re walking to your friend’s place and realise your WhatsApps aren’t going through them – you’ve run out of data! Thankfully, all the spaza shops in your area sell TooMuchWifi Hotspot vouchers! You walk into the first shop you pass and buy a 750MB voucher bundle for R10.

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Featured image for “How to make the most of your TooMuchWifi connection”

How to make the most of your TooMuchWifi connection

Oct. 19, 2023
So you’ve registered for a TooMuchWifi installation. Wamkelekile to TooMuchWifi! To ensure you have the best experience possible, we want to equip you with all the knowledge you need to make the most of your TooMuchWifi connection! How to troubleshoot We hope this will never be the case, but as

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Featured image for “What does Pride Month mean for South Africans ”

What does Pride Month mean for South Africans 

Oct. 13, 2023
South Africans are lucky enough to celebrate Pride twice a year. Each year, the month of June sees worldwide celebrations in honour of International Pride Month. The celebrations continue in Johannesburg for Johannesburg Pride in October. This is in commemoration of the first Pride Parade in South Africa. On the

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Featured image for “SpazavNewave: Dominating the local music industry”

SpazavNewave: Dominating the local music industry

Oct. 12, 2023
Esi SpazaR khazi and ThePudding are two music social platforms that came together with one vision- uplifting and bringing unity amongst artists around Western Cape and Eastern Cape. These platforms merged together to create a movement called SpazavNewave, a live event being hosted in different locations in and around Western

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Featured image for “From the Hub of Khayelitsha”

From the Hub of Khayelitsha

Oct. 06, 2023
Dubbed Qhama Musiq, Aphiwe Menziwa is a multitalented performer from Khayelitsha. The Eastern Cape orgonite is a singer, songwriter, voice-over artist, actor, MC/Host, facilitator, voice coach, recording artist, social entrepreneur and a digital content creator. From the heart of Khayelitsha, he has managed to successfully infiltrate the arts industry and put

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Featured image for “How aspirational communities contribute to South African tourism”

How aspirational communities contribute to South African tourism

Sep. 27, 2023
Tourism is a powerful tool that fosters cultural exchange, economic growth, and sustainable development. For South Africa, this day holds particular significance as it is an opportunity for residents to showcase the country’s natural beauty, diverse cultures, and rich history. It is important to note how aspirational communities in South

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