Change your password

We’ve all been in the position where we have forgotten our password at least once. After trying all the passwords you have ever had in your life, and none of them working, it’s time to admit defeat and select “forgot password”. It could be that you have been experiencing slower speeds and you can’t trust who you’ve given your password to. Either way, your password needs to change. 

Here is how you can change your password to something you will never forget!

1. Create a ticket 

The easiest way to create a ticket is by sending us a WhatsApp on (060) 016 9434. Type ‘hi’ to the number to “wake up” our robot. You will be provided with five different options. In order to change your password, you will need to select My Account. Type number 3 to select this option. Follow the rest of the prompts to create your ticket. 

You can also create a ticket through your customer portal. Select ‘support’ and fill out the Customer Support Form

2. Wait for a call

One of our friendly customer support agents will contact you once they have received your ticket. Wait for a follow up call from them to ensure your query is solved. If you do not answer the initial call, our agents will try an additional two (2) times. If you do not answer any of our attempts to call you, we will send a WhatsApp to you and your ticket will be closed. You will need to create a new ticket. 

3. Provide your new password

While you are on the call with the customer support agent, you will need to provide them with your current password and what you would like to change it to. Verify that the password has been changed while you are on the phone with the customer support agent.  

Your new password will be set and you can enjoy your protected uncapped connection!