Uncapped Line vs Hotspots: Which one suits you best?

Having access to the internet has become a vital part of living. Not having some form of internet access at home has become unheard of. In order to create more opportunities for people, and various ways for them to access these opportunities, we have developed two product offerings. Here is the difference between our Uncapped Line and Hotspots to help you decide which one suits you best.

What is the difference? 

If you get an Uncapped Line installed in your home, or you purchase a Hotspot voucher to use at one of our spaza shops, both offer wifi at an affordable price. An Uncapped Line requires an installation at your home, where you are able to roam the internet from the comfort of your bed. 

By purchasing a Hotspot voucher, you can connect to a TooMuchWifi SuperZone connection while you are at a spaza shop. TooMuchWifi’s Hotspots play a critical role in keeping communities connected online. 

Uncapped Line

An Uncapped Line gives you fast, reliable access at all times. This means you can browse the internet freely without concern of slow speeds. TooMuchWifi ensures that throughout the month, customers experience a full uncapped line connection without the fear of being reduced to a lower speed.  

Choosing an Uncapped Line has a multitude of advantages. The biggest advantage is that it offers unlimited connectivity. This means you can stream, download, and upload without worrying about reaching a data limit and experiencing slow internet speeds. 

Uncapped Lines are the most cost effective option as it is a monthly payment for an unlimited internet connection. This means there are no additional costs, like needing to buy more data when you run out. With TooMuchWifi, there are no contracts so all options are month-to-month.

We have a variety of uncapped line speeds for you to choose from that will suit your lifestyle best! From a simple 5Mbs Line to the desired 20Mbps Line, you will be able to enjoy full internet access at home. 


Community hotspots have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a range of benefits for both users and the communities they are based in. Hotspots are a physical location where people can access the internet using wifi. 

Our Hotspots allow anyone to connect to the internet affordably. We have Hotspot locations in every community we serve. You can find a Hotspot SuperZone connection at most local spaza shops, but we have also partnered with restaurants and coffee shops, such as Siki’s Koffee Kafe and Jordan Ways of Cooking, so people can roam the interment while enjoying their meal.  

Regardless of how you connect to the internet, we want to make sure an affordable option is available to you. We want to be able to create a more connected and informed world by providing affordable internet access, through a permanent Uncapped Line or by purchasing Hotspot vouchers.  

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