From Khayelitsha to the world.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

Khayelitsha Cycling Academy wows at the Cape Town Cycling Tour.

Cycling has come a long way in the aspiration communities of South Africa. The Dynamites Diepkloof dudes from SABC 1 had a huge influence on the culture of cycling at that time. However, not everyone had the privilege of roaming around solving crime.However, we had as much fun as them just riding and being amongst friends. At that time it was a norm to see a horde of adolescent boys riding bikes and adults riding to work.

Something happened throughout the years and you can tell there is a culture shift. Kids today prefer to be at home or on their phones rather than being out and about imitating the Dudes. The health risk might also play a part because today some of us have crooked teeth and scarred knees due to cycling. However, many would agree that they would never exchange that experience for anything.

Khaltsha Cycles

That is why programs like the Khaltsha cycling academy looked so fascinating to us especially in their quest to bring back the culture of cycling back eKasi. Beyond that, just nurturing girls as well as getting them involved not only as a lifestyle thing but also as a competitive sport.

The Khaltsha cycling academy is a non-profit

The Khaltsha cycling academy also known as Cycling For All. Is a non-profit organization that empowers women and girls through cycling. The NPO was founded two and a half years ago, starting with thirty women and girls but shrank to 20 as years went by. The girls, so we call them, took part in this year’s Cape Town cycling tour this past Sunday. 

The academy powered by TooMuchWifi, Rocacorba initiative and Vye cycling participated in both divisions of the competition. The 109 km race and the 42 km race. The girls had to contend with 35 thousand other racers making the Cape Town Cycling Tour the largest cycling event in the continent. The TooMuchWifi team was supporting the girls on all fronts. TooMuchWifi director in the thick and thin of the race cheering the girls on and the marketing team at the finish line screaming their names and providing much needed sustenance. 

The 46th edition of the event was eventually won by two pro-cyclists Kent main and Tiffany Keep. The girls finished quite strong. Especially considering it was either the first or second time competing as cyclists. Hence It did not come as a surprise to us to learn that two of the girls were chosen to participate in the London to Paris cycling tour: Iviwe Yako & Mihlai Mpoza. 

Founded in June 2022 by Amanda Sibidla and Sindile Mavundla. The academy defines itself as being on a transformative journey as a pioneer in empowering young girls. Dedicated to creating a lasting impact on lives, communities and the world through cycling. Hence it was a no brainer when Khaltsha cycles academy came knocking. We as TooMuchWifi answered because supporting positive initiatives eKasi is the TooMuchWifi way, Danko mzansi.