5 Reasons to get TooMuchWifi at home

We use the internet for absolutely everything. From keeping in contact with friends and family to streaming our favourite shows and movies. As more becomes available online, the need for a fast and reliable internet connection is increasing. When it comes to connecting to the internet at home, there is no better option than a TooMuchWifi Uncapped Line. We have put together a list of reasons to get TooMuchWifi at home.

1. Home internet is affordable

Uncapped Lines are the most cost effective option as it is a monthly payment for an unlimited internet connection. This means there are no additional costs, like needing to buy more data when you run out.

With TooMuchWifi, there are no contracts . This means all our options are month-to-month, so you pay when you can. Depending on the Uncapped Line you choose, you are able to connect multiple devices without any extra data costs. 

2. Home internet is high-speed 

A line speed refers to how much data and information can be transferred over the internet at one time. This measures how quickly you can perform tasks online and how many of tasks your network can handle. 

At TooMuchWifi, we offer a 5Mbps Uncapped Line, a 10Mbps Uncapped Line and a 20Mbps Uncapped Line. This means we offer a variety of speeds depending on what your internet needs are. 

We have broken down our different line speeds to help you decide which Uncapped Line to purchase. Find out which Uncapped Line is best for you here.

3. You live in a remote area with poor or no cell reception

No matter how great your smartphone is, even the fastest internet connection can’t overcome the problem of no service. If you live in an area that doesn’t get much or any reception at home, the only option you have is to get a home internet connection.

TooMuchWifi is in over 43 communities within the Western Cape. Visit our website to find out if we are in your area and can provide you with an Uncapped Line installation.

4. To satisfy your Netflix (and other social media) fix

We all want to keep updated with the latest TikTok trends, the most recent Netflix uploads and we all binged watched Shaka iLembe. This would not be possible without a high-speed internet connection at home. There is nothing more frustrating than your movie buffering!

Stream your favourite movies, scroll on social media and game online comfortably with a TooMuchWifi Uncapped Line connection.

5. More reliability

Reliability also comes with faster internet speeds. With a fixed internet connection, you do not have to suffer with constant internet interruptions. With an at home internet connection, you are less likely to deal with technical issues and will have a better overall user experience.

TooMuchWifi customers can connect to a fast and reliable internet connection confidently and be able to do their tasks without delay. With TooMuchWifi, you will receive a more immediate internet connection which will provide you with a better browsing experience. 

If you are still unsure if you want to sign up for a TooMuchWifi installation, feel free to call or WhatsApp us on +27 60 016 9434.

Or request an installation today!