Bringing back the culture of art in Mfuleni

[Bringing back the culture of art in Mfuleni]

Art can help us understand our history, our culture, our lives, and the experience of others in a manner that cannot be achieved through other means. It can also be a source of inspiration, reflection, and joy.” It is also a source of income for many. In the US alone there are 2.6 million artists making over 25 000 dollars a year. That is over 464 000 South African rands for context.

In our last post we spoke about Qaqamba Ntshinka, an ambassador of ours and a jazz artist who is on her come up. She is making waves on the musical scene and has shared the stage with giants like Sjava, Mandisi Dyantyis and the iconic Zonke Madikane. If you want to know more about Q as we call her follow this link. 

Reviving art in Mfuleni

Art was and is an integral part of the Mfuleni community. Artists used to travel from afar to come perform or watch their favorite artists perform. This culture of artistry in the community died down in the early 2010’s. However, the blooming of fresh upcoming artists such as Pro Chxld, Qaqamba, Nkululeko Dyantyi and Zolisa Mficane have put the small community back on the artistic map. 

Four artists from Mfuleni calling themselves The obsession established the Sonke Sessions. They hosted them at Iwondi – wood fired pizza, revitalizing the community as the place to be. They aim to bring the culture of music back into the community.

The Obsession is bringing art back in Mfuleni

Nkululeko Dyantyi, Qaqamba Ntshinka, Nadia Nogege and Zingisa Gwetse co-founded The Obsession. The Obsession’s sonke sessions powered by TooMuchWifi only started in May this year as a monthly event. It has attracted artists and art enthusiasts from all over the city to flock to Mfuleni. 

The first installment of the sessions was a resounding success with the venue filled to capacity. Homegrown talent Qaqamba Ntshinka headlined the event and closed it off with her hit single, Zizinja. The second event topped the first one with more artists applying to perform. 

It even attracted the likes of Dee koala a South African Hip Hop best female artist winner and the most endorsed female artist in the country. She did not come to perform but rather to watch all the upcoming artists perform. This was so inspiring to the upcoming artists and you could tell by their performances because they performed their hearts out. Dee as she is known reciprocated the energy by showering some of them with compliments on her social media.

Local businesses starts to boom through art

It is clear that indeed the culture of art in Mfuleni is being revived. The community is stocked about these events and cannot wait to have the third one. The owner of Iwondi – wood fired pizza is elated with the sudden influx of customers in his business. The small pizzeria founded just a over a year ago offers free Wifi powered by TooMuchWifi and branding outside courtesy of TooMuchWifi. If you want to read more about the importance of branding click here.