We’re in multiple communities!

Guess what? We’re in two communities this weekend!

Our team couldn’t agree on just one community to visit this weekend, so they decided to go visit two in one day! Our teams are so excited to bring you the best deals at the best prices. Come say hi and have all your questions answered by our TooMuchWifi reps!

Just listen for the music and the laughter, and you will find our teams. They are there all morning to help get you connected. We have three Uncapped Lines to choose from, which our team can assist you choosing the best one for your lifestyle. You can also grab a Hotspot voucher as well and connect to our Hotspots in any of our communities.

Are you in Morning Star? Come say hi to our team at the entrance of Morning Star from 10:00 – 15:00. We have partnered with resellers in Morning Star so you are able to purchase a Hotspot voucher and use it while you shop. Click here to find out more: Morningstar Events

Are you in Vrygrond? Meet our team at Vrygrond Primary from 10:00 – 15:00. We have partnered with resellers in Vrygrond, so visit your nearest spaza shop and buy a TooMuchWifi Hotspot voucher. You can also pay for your Uncapped Line as you shop! Click here to find out more: Vrygrond Events

We’ll be handing out FREE 2G Hotspot vouchers – you do not want to miss out!