TooMuchWifi has always had Air Fibre

Have you seen big internet service providers advertise Air Fibre lately? Don’t fall for the hype! We’re here to tell you that we’ve always had Air Fibre – and we offer some of the best in Air Fibre technology!

Before we tell you why TooMuchWifi Air Fibre is some of the best out there, in both product and pricing, here’s a breakdown on what Air Fibre is.

What is Air Fibre?

Air Fibre or wifi connection is described as using fixed wireless broadband technology to provide the same high speeds and service of traditional broadband providers. It is delivered wirelessly instead of using fibre or telephone lines.

Air Fibre makes use of radio signals. It has the bandwidth to connect multiple homes, MDUs and offices to super fast broadband connection within a short period of time.

How does it work?

For customers to make use of TooMuchWifi Air Fibre, a small antenna is placed on their roof and a router is installed in their home. The antenna receives the radio signal from one of the highsites in the community. This setup allows customers to enjoy not only fast internet speeds but also a reliable internet connection via a fixed wireless connection without interruptions – something that is common with cellular or wired internet connections.

TooMuchWifi has always provided reliable internet through the use of wireless technology. Our customers are able to browse the internet using fast and affordable wifi connectivity. Due to Air Fibre making use of radio signals, this prevents any vandalism affecting connectivity. Fibre is always at risk of going down due to the copper cabling. With TooMuchWifi’s Air Fibre there are no concerns.

Air Fibre vs Fibre Lines

Our Air Fibre service competes with unlimited fibre in both speed and price, especially in lower income areas. Why do we say this?

Arguably, fibre provides higher speed than a wireless network. By using cell towers to produce “fibre-like” technology, Air Fibre has been able to bridge the gap between the two. Air Fibre internet uses radio signals to deliver uncapped broadband with fibre-like speed. 

There are a lot of undisclosed costs when you sign up for fibre. These costs include; an initial setup cost, cost of the cables, the installation fees, permits, and fiber endpoints, as well as the specialized tools for setup and testing. 

After an installation of one router and a small antenna on your roof, you will be able to browse the internet uninterrupted. With TooMuchWifi, there are no extra costs involved! You can sign up with us without having to pay any setup fees, equipment costs, no reconnection fee,  no signing of contracts, no fineprint- no BS!

Sign up for our Air Fibre internet Summer Specials now!