Delft South receives support with internet connectivity 

TooMuchWifi is available in Delft

Mushroomed on the sandy plains of the Cape Flats, sits one of Cape Town’s most rapidly expanding communities – Delft. Established in 1989 to be one of Cape Town’s first mixed race communities, Delft is a blend of culture and diversity. Due to the increase in population, Delft is divided into seven divisions. TooMuchWifi has decided to support Delft South in providing fast and affordable internet connectivity.

Delft South, also known as Suburban, is the most recent area of Delft and is much smaller than its six other counter divisions. Due to its size, residents of Delft South have managed to unify to create a community of resilience and strength. Residents of Delft experience challenges daily, such as unemployment, crime and little education on health care. TooMuchWifi’s goal is to expose the community of Delft with the information and resources to combat these challenges. 

Locals have already come together to create support systems, small businesses, and community initiatives. These efforts uplift and empower the community against unemployment. With the introduction of a fast and affordable internet connection, these efforts can flourish even more. The use of online platforms can facilitate business growth, connecting Delft South’s entrepreneurs with markets far and wide. E-commerce, online marketplaces, and digital advertising can showcase these small businesses, expanding their reach and impact.

Sisa Makaula, from the Makaula Foundation, said “Delft has grown over the years, and as the number of people increases, the crime does too. We also have an increased presence of taverns, which are contributing to high levels of substance abuse and crime.” The Makaula Foundation is a non-profit organisation which works with the community to equip them with skills and opportunities. Internet connectivity can equip these organisations with resources to empower residents with knowledge and skills to prevent crime. Internet connectivity ensures that residents have access to emergency services at all times. Residents can call for help, ensuring a rapid response whenever needed.

Healthcare is a crucial aspect of any community’s well-being. Delft is severely under-resourced, but healthcare professionals are working hard to make a difference. With the introduction of the new La Maison de Christoff Holistic Health Centre, residents are able to receive holistic and preventative care services. The new La Maison de Christoff Holistic Health Centre, in conjunction with TooMuchWifi, will result in better health outcomes and a more informed community when it comes to making health-related decisions.

Delft South is a place of unity, strength and resilience. By embracing the power of internet connectivity, this vibrant suburb can amplify its potential for growth, empowerment, and positive change. Through collaboration with TooMuchWifi, Delft South steps into bridging the digital divide within the community. TooMuchWifi is achieving this through the installation of Hotspots at spaza shops and providing three Uncapped Line options to choose from. By installing an Uncapped LIne, residents are able to create a more inclusive, informed, and empowered community.