Benefits of co-working spaces

Benefits of co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are defined as a working environment where people from different teams and companies work in a shared workspace. It’s different from a typical office workspace. People in a co-working environment generally aren’t working for the same company. There are a lot of benefits to co-working spaces. Teams or individuals are able to work on projects independently within the same shared space. TooMuchWifi makes use of, and operates out of, one of these co-working spaces called Craft + Graft.

Situated in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD, Craft + Graft has been the home to TooMuchWifi since the beginning in 2016. Craft + Graft has been the ideal workspace for us. They have been accommodating us when we were a startup to now – a fully operational organisation. Working in a co-working space is perfect for startups, freelancers, and remote workers.

Benefits of co-working spaces

Here are some benefits of co-working spaces:

1. Flexibility 

Many startups struggle to find a work environment that offers the physical space for them to grow as a company. Craft + Graft has given us the opportunity to scale as a company, while staying in a building we know and love. 

Craft + Graft has been flexible by offering membership options that range from hotdesks to private offices. There are conference rooms and training rooms available which allow for private meetings or can be hired for events. 

2. Convenience

Instead of spending time and money on office managers and general maintenance, Craft + Graft comes fully serviced with all the furniture, friendly staff and maintenance an office needs. This allows for us to concentrate on business operations and not worry about the ins and outs of running an office space. 

Craft + Graft handles all bills, building management and facilities so we get to concentrate on providing the best low cost Air Fibre to the communities of Cape Town!

3. Services and amenities 

There is nothing better than having a coffee shop where you work. Craft + Graft not only consists of workspaces, but also runs a coffee shop! With delicious coffee and lunch options, TooMuchWifi employees are always taken care of. They also have a fully equipped kitchen, clean bathrooms, and an outdoor area where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Table Mountain.

Craft + Graft also offers printing facilities, fast and reliable wifi and even free coffee in the kitchen – they really take care of their clients!

Benefits of co-working spaces

Another perk that some co-working spaces offer is Virtual Offices. This gives startups and small businesses the opportunity to use a professional business address. Craft + Graft offers more than just physical office space. Their virtual offices include a business address, reception services and mail handling to all businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for a reputable address in town. 

Craft + Graft has been the perfect office space for TooMuchWifi! They have made it possible for us to accomplish what we need to. We can now ensure we get everyone connected to TooMuchWifi!