Uncapped, unlimited and unthrottled – How can you utilise your internet connection?

How can you utilise your internet connection

Have you seen internet service providers advertising their services as uncapped, unlimited or unthrottled? These concepts sound great, but what do they actually mean when it comes to your internet connection. Here is a breakdown of the key words to look out for to ensure you gain the full experience of your internet connection.

Uncapped Internet

Capped internet essentially means that your internet access will be slower toward the end of the month compared to the beginning of the month. This cap occurs when you start reaching your usage limit. You are still able to have an internet connection, but your internet speed reduces until the next billing cycle. 

If you want to avoid the frustrations of slow internet speeds, then you need to consider an uncapped option from your chosen internet service provider. An uncapped line gives you fast, reliable access at all times. This means you can browse the internet freely without concern of slow speeds.

TooMuchWifi ensures that throughout the month, customers experience a full uncapped line connection without the fear of being reduced to a lower speed. 

Unlimited Internet

A limited internet plan offers a fixed data package and once the data is completed, you will not be able to access the internet. You are limited to the amount of data used to download during the day. Speeds are also slowed down during busy hours. Limited data plans do not offer additional data consumption beyond the allocated limit. You have a fixed amount of data available for use for 30 days. Once this data is exhausted, you can pay for additional data at a specific rate.  

Limited data plans are best for those with minimal internet requirements, such as basic web browsing and email. However, if you are using data in large amounts, such as for streaming movies or online gaming, unlimited data would be a better option.

An unlimited data plan allows internet users to use as much data as they like until the contract ends.  At TooMuchWifi, we don’t want our customers worrying about using all their data and not having for the remainder of the month. This is the reason we offer unlimited internet at affordable prices.

How can you utilise your internet connection

Unthrottled Internet

Throttled internet refers to the intentional slowing down of internet speeds by an internet service provider, without them telling you. ISPs do this to control internet traffic over their network, reduce bandwidth congestion, and enforce data limits.

When your internet is throttled, it results in slower connection speeds. This leads to slower download and upload speeds. The reduced speeds usually return to normal once the congestion eases.

With TooMuchWifi, customers can download and upload while connected to as many devices as their plan allows. They do not need to worry about slower speeds affecting their internet usage.

TooMuchWifi provides uncapped, unlimited, unthrottled service to every customer. With our uncapped lines, you never run out of data. Your line speed always stays the same so you can enjoy outstanding customer service and reliability. If you are experiencing slower speeds than usual, it may mean you need to upgrade your uncapped line with us! That can be done easily by contacting us here.