TooMuchWifi’s first customers

TooMuchWifi's first customers

Imizamo Yethu (IY), a community rich in history and culture, is one of the many informal settlements formed during post-Apartheid. Situated in the picturesque suburb of Hout Bay, IY (meaning “Our Efforts” in Xhosa) consists of small shacks, shebeens, and even a photo exhibition in the small Township Museum. TooMuchWifi’s first customers were from IY, giving TooMuchWifi the confidence to expand to other communities! 

IY has become a great tourist attraction. Locals provide private tours of the community for travelers wanting to experience a South African township. Despite this, IY still suffers from poverty. By using TooMuchWifi’s Air Fibre, the community of IY is able to connect to online resources. This means they can showcase what the community has to offer. 

Township shop
Township museum open

When TooMuchWifi started in 2016, IY was the first community the company approached to sell their hotspots in. The community of IY couldn’t resist the deal and become some of TooMuchWifi’s first customers! Now with three uncapped lines to choose from, and hotspot vouchers accessible at almost every corner, TooMuchWifi contributes to the growth and development of the community. 

Everyone deserves affordable and reliable Air Fibre. By using TooMuchWifi’s Air Fibre, IY can use their efforts online to bridge the poverty gap. Tour guides are able to share their services, small businesses can attract more customers, and the community can encourage visitors to spend some time at the local shebeens and township shops. 

Visitors can then make use of TooMuchWifi’s hotspots at the local resellers. As they upload photos of their experiences, they can expose IY’s offerings to others and encourage them to visit the community. TooMuchWifi’s goal is to improve the lives of those living in IY. Getting online is just another step forward for the community of IY to become more self-sufficient.