TooMuchWifi sponsors Langa For Men Football Club

TooMuchWifi sponsors Langa For Men Football Club

On the 13th of March, TooMuchWifi became one of the official sponsors for Langa For Men Football Club. The ISP made the partnership official by sponsoring new soccer kits to the Martial Eagles, Langa For Men’s football team.

Every member associated with The Martial Eagles Football Club bears a social responsibility to the community. There is an expectation for each player to actively participate in the fight against gender-based violence. The club strives to promote a culture of accountability and social awareness among its members. Langa For Men’s Football Club was founded on the beliefs set by Langa For Men. 

Langa For Men is an organization to eradicate gender-based violence faced within homes and communities of South Africa. Luyolo Lengisi and Siyabonga Khusela, both aged 21 years at the time, started #LangaforMen in response to the violence against women they witnessed as young boys. 

“We couldn’t sit back,” Siyabonga said, “We know our mission and vision. We want to end gender-based violence.”

Luyolo and Siyabonga host workshops within Cape Town communities to provide guidance on social issues faced within South Africa. The workshops are based on the meaning of manhood and the prevalence of gender-based violence. The classes consist of techniques on how to avoid drugs, gangsterism, illegal dumping and teenage pregnancy. Men and young boys attending the workshops are offered sessions in business skills and financial literacy.

“Our vision is to create a safe space for every gender and involve everyone in the fight for women and young girls,” Siyabonga says. “We want to reprogramme the minds of men and invest in a young boy child using a variety of methods.”

One of these methods is sports. The Langa For Men Football Club creates an environment to not only teach young boys soccer, but to also share with them positive life lessons and healthy character traits. 

“Grassroots football is the foundation for young players to express themselves and showcase their ability,” Siyabonga says. “We aim to bridge the gap between sports and education – and help young men find their place in the community, and the world,” he added.

Langa Football Club

Mentors ensure the young boys understand how certain behavioral patterns impact and affect the communities and societies in which they live in. They educate the members of the club on how they can become champions in preventing violence against all genders.

“We believe the football club is going to be more than just a soccer team. It comes with inspiration to the young people of Langa. Bringing the love for soccer back, keeping them busy and off the streets.” says Siyabonga Khusela.

TooMuchWifi established a relationship with Langa For Men in 2021. By sponsoring their 2023 season, the ISP is agreeing to continue their support with the organisation. TooMuchWifi is looking forward to seeing more of the incredible work done by Langa For Men.