TooMuchWifi Helps Vrygrond Stay Clean


Last weekend, we collaborated with the community of Vrygrond on a Community Clean-up. These campaigns are part of our environmental clean-up initiatives that we run throughout the communities of Cape Town. We believe in improving the lives of others, which goes further than just providing affordable Wifi. We want to ensure that we serve the communities we operate in by giving back.

Vrygrond, also known as Capricorn, is the oldest informal settlement within the Western Cape. Vrygrond simply means “Free Ground” and has been the home to over 15 000 people since its construction during the apartheid era. Poverty is one of the largest issues Vrygrond faces, and with poverty comes a neglection of living conditions. 

Our team is determined to assist Vrygrond in any way possible. The clean-up was just the beginning of many initiatives to give back to the community and better the lives of those in the community. Thank you to everyone who came out to join our cleanup!

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