TooMuchWifi Announces a Drop in Hotspot Pricing

TooMuchWifi Announces a Drop in Hotspot Pricing

TooMuchWifi has announced a significant drop in pricing for their Hotspot services, effective immediately. This decision is aimed at bringing affordable internet access to those who might not be able to afford a fixed line connection.

The new Hotspot pricing structure is an extension of the decision made in November 2022 to slash their Uncapped Line prices. This decision came as an effort to assist the everyday consumer and small business in remaining online. This price reduction will remain in place and contribute to the overall price drop of all TooMuchWifi products. 

In 2022, TooMuchWifi gained an investment from the Mineworkers Investment Company, which has a 24,85% stake in the business. The intent of this investment is to make their wifi even more affordable. With this investment, the ISP slashed the pricing of their Uncapped Lines and now they have restructured their Hotspots. This is to allow for a further reach to people, especially those who might not be able to afford a fixed line.

By reducing the prices of their Hotspot services, TooMuchWifi is taking another step towards closing the digital divide. By simplifying the Hotspot pricing, it will make it easier for people to understand the value of the vouchers offered. Customers can expect daily and weekly plans, easy voucher loading and more resellers to offer a TooMuchWifi Hotspot. 

The packages include unlimited connections at R5 for 1-day, R30 for 7-days and R120 for 30-days. The packages are for one device only. Customers also have the option to sign up for an Uncapped Line if they would like more internet accessibility. Uncapped Lines allow them to be able to enjoy faster speeds and little-to-no limit on connected devices. 

“We understand the importance of staying connected, especially within lower-income communities.” Says newly appointed CEO, Tauriq Brown. “At TooMuchWifi, we want to make it more affordable for our customers to do so. We believe these new prices will allow more people to stay connected, contributing to our expansion plan.”

By introducing attractive elements, such as lower pricing and better user experience, their Hotspots will provide a fresh new intake of customers. This will move them closer to their plans for exponential growth within communities, as well as in the tech industry.

One of the biggest issues communities face are the lost opportunities due to a lack of internet access. TooMuchWifi hopes that by offering multiple products, which are of a high quality and low pricing, they will give communities the opportunity to develop into viable markets and improve quality of living. This is enough for them to drop their pricing. 

For more information on TooMuchWifi’s new pricing structure, or to sign up for an Uncapped Line, visit their website at