Saxonsea invests into their community to become more self-sufficient

Saxonsea invests into their community with TooMuchWifi

Saxonsea, the home to the suburban residents of Atlantis, is a well established and self-sufficient community. Residents have taken ownership of their West Coast suburb since its establishment in the 1970s. They have welcomed a multitude of companies to implement improvements to their area, with TooMuchWifi being the latest investment into Saxonsea as they continue to become more self-sufficient.

Access to the internet has become more than just a luxury, it’s considered another element to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Connectivity is a lifeline to information, communication, education, and opportunities. Saxonsea has been under constant development, making improvements as the community requires.

A major part of these improvements has been with the waste services within Saxonsea. The government has given priority to a variety of cleaning services, refuse collection services, and waste minimisation initiatives. These are to maintain the community’s cleanliness and reduce instances of illegal dumping.

Another successful project in Saxonsea was capable through the joint efforts of officials, contractors and stakeholders to build Saxonsea Junior High School. The school’s construction took a remarkable 65 days, and it serves as an extension of the High School. This is to accommodate more Grade 8 and 9 learners.

This exciting development for Saxonsea allows for there to be no unplaced learners within the West Coast. The school is a component of the WCED’s forward-thinking Rapid School Build (RSB) program which aims to enhance student placements.

TooMuchWifi’s expansion into Saxonsea comes as no surprise. In January 2023, Atlantis residents had access to an affordable and reliable TooMuchWifi connection. The support TooMuchWifi has received from their customers within Atlantis has enabled the team to expand their coverage into Saxonsea. On Saturday, 26 August 2023, TooMuchWifi will announce their presence by walking the streets of Saxonsea, led by the incredibly talented Wesfleur Brigade! Saxon Blues Netball Club and the Jomo’s Power Soccer Club will be joining for a fun, sports-filled day. By including community organisations, this allows TooMuchWifi to foster relationships with the community.

One of the biggest issues communities face is the feeling of being cut off from the world. By getting communities online, TooMuchWifi provides the opportunity for communities to become self-sufficient and develop into a viable market and improve quality of living.