More affordable ways to connect for TooMuchWifi customers

More affordable ways to connect for TooMuchWifi customers

We are excited to announce our 5Mbps Line is now available to all of our Guguletu and Imizamo Yethu customers! It has always been available to block of flats, but after feedback from our customers, we are now making it available for all our TooMuchWifi customers to connect in those two communities. We hope to extend this offer to more communities soon!

We believe in providing affordable, high quality wifi for all our customers. Our 5Mbps Line is our most affordable Uncapped Line, and we hope it will allow more households to get connected. 

With our 5Mbps Line, you can browse the internet, check out what’s happening on social media and even stream your favourite music and shows. Connect with your friends and family from only R249pm! 

While it is our entry-level Uncapped Line, you can connect multiple devices at the same time and even stream in HD. But if you are looking to connect a large number of devices or stream in 4K, we suggest you consider getting our 10Mbsp or 20Mbps Lines instead.

Don’t have the funds to pay for Uncapped this month? We’ve got you covered! Connect to one of our Hotspots, and go online from only R5. Visit your TooMuchWifi customer portal to purchase your Hotspot voucher!

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