Khayelitsha’s Activist


A frequent activist on the streets of Khayelitsha, Sera is no stranger to fighting injustices against black lesbians within communities. Despite more than 20 years of democracy, our communities are still faced with violence, oppression and hardships. LGBTQIA+ individuals are key members of the communities at large, and are therefore affected just as everyone else within those communities. This is something Sera advocates for within Khayelitsha, using her artistic skills and passion for equality as her driving force.

Sera started expressing herself through her music while she was in high school in the Eastern Cape. Once she moved to Cape Town, music became her full time passion starting the activist group, LNS (Lesbians Never Surrender).  The duo actively fight against the harsh ends of homophobia through creativity and music. They partner with organisations fighting for gender equality and education within the communities of the Western Cape. One of these organisations is Free Gender, an organisation based in Khayelitsha that fights for the rights and lives of black lesbians in every township and equal education. 

Sera is a storyteller, using her passion for the arts to advocate for vulnerable groups in all communities. She is a photographer, videographer, painter and skater – on top of being a performing artist in LNS. She assists Free Gender with all their social media content, while working full time as the Communications Officer at Equal Education. 

Sera feels her purpose is to bring change within communities. “I’m advocating for change at all angles. I wanna see everyone leaving free, equal as human and not judging one another.”

“In my community they look at me as a human before seeing me as a queer person. I think it’s because I’m advocating for my rights in many ways and I also involve myself in a lot of community activities.” 

Khayelitsha stands out as one of Cape Town’s largest and fastest-growing townships, plagued by issues of unemployment and poverty. However, Khayelitsha has become a society of its own; offering a wide variety of bars and restaurants, youth development programmes and culturally rich experiences. 

TooMuchWifi is honoured to partner with and support Sera as she continues to be a positive force within her community, and we hope to assist her in bringing a voice to all vulnerable groups within the rest of the communities within the Western Cape.