Internet Safety Tips

The holidays have just begun, which means we will be relying on the internet more to share our lives on social media, do some online shopping, and catch up on all the movies and series we’ve been saving on our Netflix Watchlist. Despite the daily use of the internet, most of us don’t always take note of the importance of internet safety when scrolling online. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself online, here are some internet safety tips to enjoy your daily scrolling and trolling. 

1. Ensure you have a secure internet connection 

You must ensure that you have a secure Internet connection to boost your safety on the Internet. TooMuchWifi uses their own network to ensure your information is protected from any unauthorized users and hackers. 

2. Don’t share your personal information 

One of the most overlooked Internet safety tips has to do with sharing personal information. We’re so comfortable with the Internet that we don’t hesitate to share personal information on message boards or social media platforms with the public. 

If you are online shopping, ensure you are buying from a reputable store before entering in your banking details.

3. Choose strong, unique passwords

Choose strong and unique passwords for all accounts related to your Internet connection, including router, WiFi, email, social media, etc. 

We know how annoying that list of password requirements is; where it needs to feature at least one uppercase letter, one symbol, and one number. Those requirements are there for a reason, this list helps prolong any attempted hacking that could occur into your account. 

4. Don’t use public wifi

Unless it’s a TooMuchWifi Hotspot, don’t connect to public internet connections. Using a public wifi network can be convenient but risky. Such networks aren’t as secure as TooMuchWifi. Public networks means your personal information could be made easily available to scammers and hackers.

If you are not at home and would like to connect to the internet, purchase a TooMuchWifi Hotspot voucher from a spaza shop and connect to our Hotspot! 

By using these internet safety tips, you can enjoy a stress-free internet connection.