How to pay for your TooMuchWifi connection

How to pay for your TooMuchWifi connection

TooMuchWifi believes internet access is a basic human right and should be made available to all economic classes. With only 25% of Africans having access to this basic essential, we have made it our mission to bring affordable internet access to all Africans. One way in which we can accomplish this is by making it easy for our customers to pay for a TooMuchWifi connection. 

We have various payment options to suit everyone! We encourage our customers to choose one of the four options we provide to make their payments so they can continue enjoying a wifi connection every month. 

To make their payment, TooMuchWifi customers receive a WhatsApp reminder message when payment day is approaching. Attached in the message is a link to their invoice and the various payment options for customers to choose from. Customers simply need to click the link in the message and select one of the following payment options:

Option 1: Card Payment

The easiest way to pay the monthly fee is by card. Customers simply need to click on the payment link they get sent via WhatsApp and select “card payment.”

Option 2: Instant EFT

Paying by Instant EFT is fast and simple. Customers must select “Instant EFT” to make an immediate payment for their connection.

Option 3: Visit a TooMuchWifi Reseller

Another option for customers is to visit a TooMuchWifi reseller (Spaza Shop) to make their payment. Customers can transfer money into their TooMuchWifi Wallet, and the amount due will automatically apply towards their monthly fees.

Option 4: Debit Order

A hassle-free way to make any payment is through a debit order. Customers fill out a Debit Order form once to indicate which date they would like the money to be deducted from their account every month.

You can download the Debit Order form here.

All payment options are safe and secure for customers to use to ensure they stay connected to TooMuchWifi every month.

How to pay for your TooMuchWifi connection

TooMuchWifi understands that it can be difficult to make a full payment every month, so TooMuchWifi has other payment options and products for customers. This is why Hotspots are available within every TooMuchWifi coverage community. Hotspots provide an uncapped data connection, depending on the bundles a customer purchases. 

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