How to have a healthy work – life balance

Now that the festive season is officially over, and all reminisce of that tan you worked so hard for is gone, it’s easy to fall back into old work habits. Don’t let work control your social life. Here are some tips to keep a healthy work – life balance this year.

The most important question to ask is what is a work-life balance? Work-life balance is the successful juggling of the demands from work and personal life. Many people seek a healthy work-life balance, but the concept is easier than the execution. 

A good work-life balance means you have a positive balance between the different aspects of your life. At work, you are able to complete your tasks to your best capabilities. You are a joy to work with. In your personal life, you are able to have time and capacity to spend your time on other things. This can include having hobbies, spending quality time with friends and family, as well as prioritising yourself. 

How can you have a healthy work-life balance?

  1. Practice time management

Time management is a powerful skill to develop. Invest in calendars and apps to track your tasks and the time you spend to achieve them.

Set deadlines for yourself to ensure you stay on track with your work tasks as well as social responsibilities in your personal life. You don’t want to miss a friend’s birthday, or an important work meeting. 

  1. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries can be difficult in both the workplace and in your personal life. Trying to set boundaries often can come across as rude or harsh when it is done incorrectly. Learn how to communicate your needs and expectations so your colleagues and friends know how to respect you. 

Ensure you stick to your boundaries. If you are inconsistent, people will not know how to treat you and overstep your boundaries unintentionally.

  1. Prioritise relationships

Your job is important, but it does not need to control your entire life. Make sure you have time to develop hobbies and interests, spend time with friends and value time with family. 

Having a busy work schedule is not something to brag about. Just because work can keep you busy does not mean you can neglect your loved ones. 

  1. Set goals and priorities 

Identify the goals you would like to achieve at work and in your personal life. Write the goals down and actionables on how you would achieve each goal. By doing this you are making your goals more realistic and easy to stick to.

The best way to keep your morale up in order to reach these goals is by measuring your progress. Record the actions you’re taking to achieve your goals on a regular basis and measure your progress. 

Ultimately, maintaining a good work – life balance all leads to a better working environment and a strong relationship with colleagues. This creates a pleasant environment, making work life an extension of personal life.