Everyone needs internet access

Bishop Lavis has TooMuchWifi

A community surrounded by Cape Town’s largest communities, Bishop Lavis runs rife with gangsterism, poverty, unemployment, and crime. These conditions make it one of the most marginalized communities in the city. These inferior conditions in the community impact heavily on the quality of life of the residents. TooMuchWifi believes everyone needs internet access, no matter the state of the community.

Due to the harsh conditions of the community, a heavy burden is placed on the community. Bishop Lavis residents are unable to receive fibre because of the extortion from gangsters, and alternative options are too expensive. Children cannot do proper research for school, businesses are hindered, even updates for smartphones and security systems are affected! Upcoming technology students are limited by data restrictions, businesses are unable to operate effectively, and internet cafes are a missed opportunity.

“Having internet in our area will make a huge difference for our kids education. They are getting their homework via teams which needs fast internet. It helps our kids to stay indoors and be safe from all the danger in our area. It helps our kids who has tutors to do it via zoom etc. So please help us make this happen.” – a Bishop Lavis resident.

TooMuchWifi enters into non-viable communities to give them the opportunity to develop into one. Therefore, a solution to increasing the quality of life in Bishop Lavis is to make reliable internet accessible. This is exactly what TooMuchWifi has done! The company has introduced Hotspots and Uncapped Lines to the community.

Now that TooMuchWifi is available within the area, Bishop Lavis residents can look for job opportunities and improve their skills for their dream job. They even have the confidence to start their own businesses! The youth of the community have the ability to align their dreams, capabilities and aspirations to the new demands of the labour market. They have the opportunity to leverage their skills into work.

Everyone needs internet access and now the residents of Bishop Lavis can enjoy a reliable and fast internet connection with TooMuchWifi!