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TooMuchWifi in Khayelitsha

The team will be in Khayelitsha doing what they do best – introducing the community to TooMuchWifi! Meet our vibrant and entertaining team at Khayelitsha Mall this Saturday.

They will be available all morning to assist you! Sign up with our services, explain how our Hotspots work, and troubleshoot if you are a TooMuchWifi customer in Khayelitsha and need help.

If you see our team this weekend, come say hi! Let’s get you connected to TooMuchWifi, and you could feature on our social media!

We love Khayelitsha! We are always looking for ways to partner with those who give back to the community. Read all about how we assist Mama Iris, founder of Edyardini Community Development, to meet the needs of the Khayelitsha community here.

TooMuchWifi in Khayelitsha

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