TooMuchWifi brings Air Fibre to Atlantis

Bringing TooMuchWifi’s Air Fibre to Atlantis

Meet our teams on Saturday in Protea Park and Witsands as they spend the day bringing TooMuchWifi’s Air Fibre to the community of Atlantis.

You can find out more about what we’re doing in the community of Atlantis here:

A suburb established in the 1970s, Atlantis residents continuously fight for the bettering of their community. After leaving a legacy of poverty and unemployment, Atlantis residents and Cape Town leaders have invested in the improvement of the area. Now, TooMuchWifi has become an active member of the Atlantis community. By bringing TooMuchWifi’s Air Fibre to Atlantis, the community is able to get online and become more self-sufficient.

Doing daily tasks can also be made easier when having a reliable internet connection. Tasks such as online payments of rent, water and electricity, entertainment, deliveries and daily purchases can be done through the use of a TooMuchWifi Uncapped Line or Hotspot vouchers. Installations of an Uncapped Line are done at the customers’ home. Residents can also visit their local spaza shop and get a Hotspot voucher, to be used at the shop.

TooMuchWifi’s goal is to encourage the community of Atlantis to get online. By doing so, it’ll mitigate the feeling of being cut off from the world.

As of Saturday, 14 January 2023, the residents of Atlantis will have access to affordable and reliable Air Fibre.