Wondering how to change your internet service provider? Here are some easy steps to pick the ISP that suits your needs

how to change your internet service provider

Whether you are using the internet for work, educational purposes, or pure entertainment, having a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) is essential. If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, frequent outages or poor customer service, it may be time to change your ISP. Here are some easy steps to pick the ISP that suits your needs.

If cost, internet speeds, or location are causing you to look for other internet options, remember to look into the cancellation process with your old provider before signing up with a new one. Internet Service Providers will lock you into a contract that includes hidden costs and other binding agreements.

Step 1: Research

The first step is to research other internet service providers in your area. You can do a quick Google search or ask for recommendations from friends and family. Look for ISPs that offer the services you need and compare the prices and plans they offer. Read carefully to ensure you don’t miss any additional fees, such as installation or equipment costs, that may not be included in the advertised price.

TooMuchWifi offers three uncapped lines to choose from, and provides hotspot vouchers which are accessible at almost every corner within the communities they serve. There are no additional costs, no contracts and an easy to request process. Customers can request an installation, or purchase a Hotspot voucher via the customer portal, through the TooMuchWifi website. Customers get 300MB for free, to use at any hotspot, when they register!

Step 2: Check for Availability

Once you have a list of potential ISPs, check to see if they are available in your area. You can do this by visiting their website or contacting their customer service department. Not all ISPs are available in all areas, so this is a very crucial step.

TooMuchWifi has coverage in multiple communities within the Western Cape. When looking for an ISP in your area, make sure to check TooMuchWifi’s coverage map to ensure your area is covered.

Step 3: Check for Contract and Cancellation Fees

Before you sign up for a new ISP, be sure to read the contract carefully. Check for any cancellation fees or early termination fees that may apply. It’s important to read through the terms and conditions before committing to a new service.

With TooMuchWifi, there are no contracts and no hidden costs. Customers do not need to sign a contract, all they need to do is fill out the request form. There are no cancellation fees, as TooMuchWifi’s services are on a month-to-month basis – customers can end their account at any time. 

Step 4: Schedule Installation

Once you have chosen a new ISP, contact them to schedule the installation. Most ISPs will provide a technician to install the service, so be sure to schedule a convenient time. It is important to research if you may also need to purchase or rent equipment, such as a router.

When customers request an installation from TooMuchWifi, they will be notified of an installation date and time. All equipment that is set up in the customer’s home belongs to TooMuchWifi. Therefore, customers do not need to pay for the equipment, but the equipment will be collected if the account is canceled.

Step 5: Cancel Your Current ISP

Before you cancel with your current ISP, be sure that your new service is up and running. Once you are sure that your new ISP is working correctly, contact your current ISP to cancel your service. Be sure to check if there are any fees for canceling your service before the end of your contract term.

Step 6: Return Equipment

If you are renting equipment from your current ISP,  you will need to return it once you cancel your service. Be sure to follow their instructions on how to return the equipment to avoid any additional charges.

Step 7: Explore Current ISP Benefits

When signing up for TooMuchWifi, customers benefit from a multitude of benefits. Customers have access to their personal account by logging into their customer portal. On their customer portal, they are able to have an overview of their services with TooMuchWifi. 

Customers receive professional assistance from customer service agents via call or WhatsApp. They assist customers with any technical difficulties, password changes, upgrades, and to answer any questions customers may have. Payment has never been easier with the various payment options sent through WhatsApp reminders. 

For any Hotspot vouchers, customers can visit a reseller in their area or make a purchase through their customer portal. By loading the voucher number, customers are able to enjoy an uncapped wifi connection.

Changing internet service providers can be a daunting task, but by following these easy steps, you can make the process much more manageable. By doing your research on ISPs, ensuring there is availability of your desired ISP in your area, reading through their terms and conditions, and safely canceling your current contract, you can ensure a smooth transition to a new ISP that meets your needs and provides reliable service.