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General Manager - Cape Town

TooMuchWifi seeks a leader with a 10+ year track record of excellence that is equally passionate about commercial success and community impact. (if you are not quite there yet in terms of experience please apply for a Community Manager or the Operations Manager role instead!).

The successful candidate will demonstrate personal accountability and entrepreneurial drive and have experience managing processes and systems in an established work environment.

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing and growing TooMuchWifi across Cape Town and the Western Cape’s communities. They will be comfortable coaching young people, engaging with respected community leaders all while “walking the streets” of townships to coordinate all the elements needed to make our staff successful at delivering customer happiness.

Required DNA for this Role:

Required Experience for this Role:

  • Demonstrated Team Leadership
  • 10+ years of Process + Project Management

    Most Attractive Perks for the right Candidate:

  • Ground floor executive opportunity: leverage your corporate experience to shape the strategic direction of the company as it expands.
  • Equity Participation
  • This is first and foremost a role for a strong marketer, focusing on reaching new users and extending the brand to the entire community. But as the community lead, you will also be responsible for operational excellence and maintaining TooMuchWifi quality throughout the customer’s experience. Customer support, local marketing, supply chain management, service quality management, social media, PR all of these sit under the GM. Continual improvement and a quality focus are the name of the game. We believe in solving local problems with local solutions, so understanding your market and delivering custom messages is important. This is where creativity meets analytics head on.

    The appeal and challenge of the job will be the breadth of responsibilities. On any given day, a GM might be:

    The GM role is dynamic -- it evolves over time. For new communities the GM will need to focus on recruiting the initial team members, securing the initial group of community partners, and kicking off marketing efforts.

    At the headquarter level the GM will work closely with the executive team to hire and train an excellent Marketing Manager and an Operations & Logistics Manager. As the client base scales, the role shifts more towards strategic initiatives as well as team development and management.

    TooMuchWifi is a company at the intersection of global connectivity expectations and local realities. As GM, TooMuchWifi will become a big part of your life. The demands of the position are such that you need to be 100% passionate about TooMuchWifi’s mission and what we're trying to accomplish.

    Successful candidates will need to be very organized and efficient. It will not be uncommon to be executing on 10+ different projects simultaneously. GMs have to be obsessive about ensuring they and their teams are running a tight operation and hence need to be highly organised and self-disciplined.

    This role is not that different from starting and running your own business, and will be the perfect training ground for the entrepreneur still exploring the business they want to build. The successful candidate will be exposed to many of the same aspects (and challenges) that go along with being an entrepreneur, but with the advantage of support from a company with advisors and leadership that have done this before, and have got your back.

    TooMuchWifi Executive Summary

    TooMuchWifi delivers affordable premium internet to urban township communities through community based teams. TooMuchWifi’s target market is urban populations that currently spend up to 25% of household income on mobile data; TooMuchWifi offers customers a premium experience with up to 30 times more bandwidth value.

    Over the last three years, the company has found “product market fit” and has achieved the unit economics necessary to scale. TooMuchWifi is actively raising a Series A and our next challenge is identifying the leadership to develop and lead our eager and talented young people to service their neighbors with excellence.

    TooMuchWifi was founded by entrepreneurs with a global track record of delivering services and technologies to new markets and a shared mission for bridging the digital divide across the world.

    The company achieves impact by bringing more people online, using the internet to strengthen existing community development efforts and actively trains and employs un- and under-employed community based youth to deliver excellent customer experiences.

    Job Responsibilities

    Simply put, this is a broad executive role: you are responsible for consumer and partner satisfaction. By ensuring that the partner and consumer’s voice is heard in all strategic and tactical product and roll out decisions, you play a critical role in our success, and the success of the communities we seek to empower. To do this you will leverage your networks and experience growing up in these communities and past work managing customer service teams.

    You will be responsible for developing + executing:

    You will consolidate the perspective needed to inform:

    Key Values and Traits:

  • Extremely Organized
  • Mission Driven - a desire to give back to our communities
  • Humility - a sense of equality and understanding that anyone can succeed with opportunities
  • Possible Current Role/Recent Past

  • Marketing/Strategy/Operations FMCG Company pursuing lower LSM market
  • Regional GM of DSTV
  • Franchise Manager
  • Strategy at Advertising Firm
  • Community Leader
  • Past Entrepreneur (“failure” here is acceptable, but you need to have demonstrated team leadership and an ability to thrive in an organization)
  • If this is you, tell us a bit about yourself by following this link:
    We are looking forward to hearing how awesome you are.

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