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Software Developer - Django / Python (Junior to Senior)

TooMuchWifi delivers premium internet affordably to low income populations in developing economies; our initial market focus is the urban informal settlements surrounding Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We’re not a traditional “low-cost internet provider” - this isn’t about internet handouts, limited bandwidth, bad user experiences or walled gardens. It’s the internet, delivered fast: just the way you’d want it delivered to you with world class customer service and a deep sense of accountability.

TooMuchWifi was founded by people passionate about technology and social justice with a global track record of delivering services and technologies to new markets and a shared mission for bridging the digital divide across the world. We are currently looking for a key member that will pull together a customer focused response to all the commitments we have everyday.

Personality, initiative, passion and humility will make up for gaps in specific experience: you are *not* expected to arrive with all the right answers, you *will* be expected to leverage past experience, research and iterate on best practices and implement tailored solutions.

Key Trait: A passion for solving problems, and a deep fulfillment derived from building things properly.

Job Description: Work with the CTO to extend and improve the products and services that make TooMuchWifi great.

Our Mission is to quickly and responsibly build a profitable network of access points providing human-centered design solutions to the under-connected urban population of South Africa.

As a software developer you will the building the tools that our customers use to connect to the internet on a daily basis, and improving the platforms that our staff and agents use to keep the network running smoothly.

Software Developer Responsibilities / Key Technologies

Our Tech

Our tech is built predominantly on Django, Python 3.6 running on Google Cloud, using PostgreSQL. We have a host of ancillary services that monitor the network and various performance metrics. Various APIs support additional services, including an Android app.


This role is available in either Cape Town or San Francisco.


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