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Chief Operating Officer

TooMuchWifi - Cape Town, South Africa (Minimum Relocation to Cape Town of 6 months)

Full-Time Executive

Who we are

We bring our customers the internet with a deep sense of accountability.

TooMuchWifi delivers fast, affordable internet to Township Communities in South Africa through empowered local community-based teams. Our mission is to do this quickly, profitably and sustainably, while supporting the communities we serve through dedicated social projects and meaningful community engagement. 

TooMuchWifi was founded by people passionate about technology and social justice with a global track record of delivering services and technologies to emerging markets. Our team has a shared mission for bridging social and digital divides through the power of the internet.

Our Values + Principles

Our core company value is Accountability. We welcome you to help hold us accountable to our core principles of Kindness, Hard Work, Timeliness and Integrity. 

Learn more about these commitments here:

Intentional Leadership

The intent of this role is to be the most visible leader for our staff and managers, and to provide our customers and partners the confidence they seek in our business.

Our staff is primarily made up of young people in their first professional experience - this means that our leaders are particularly important because they shape not only how our business is portrayed to the public, but how our young people develop the skills they need for the workplace and life beyond. 

Please review our open letter about Intentional Leadership:

If you choose to apply, we recommend you incorporate some of these concepts so we can discuss them together when we meet.

We are always looking for people who:

  • Are excellent thinkers, doers, and communicators
  • Have a strong understanding and passion for our company values & culture and their importance 
  • Hold themselves and others accountable when success is in jeopardy while maintaining respectful relationships in difficult situations
  • Can recruit, coach, and develop a diverse and inclusive team
  • Have healthy interpersonal problem-solving skills
  • Have demonstrated strong leadership skills + traits
  • Enjoy collaborating with others and have a good sense of humour
  • Maintain calm and an analytical bias during stressful situations
  • Demonstrate an exceptional understanding of customer service
  • Can support and develop best practices and enjoy solving technical problems
  • Have a good understanding and demonstration of a Growth Mindset
  • Have a history of self-starting, setting goals, and crushing them
  • Love to drive results independently, and as a member of a collaborative team
  • Work with precision and pride
  • Will respond to situations with confidence, consistency and humour
  • Are cool as ice and smooth enough to slide uphill

About the Role

This role is about leading intentionally in accordance with our commitments - you will need to embody our core values, and principles and inspire our team by leading by example.

This is a classic COO role: You will be expected to collaborate with the ExCo and the Board to set strategy and then execute the organisation's vision, operational strategy, and hiring needs by coordinating functional leaders to ensure operational excellence, which allows the CEO to explore and develop strategic growth opportunities.

You will be expected to translate strategy into actionable goals for performance while implementing organisation-wide goal setting, managing performance, and leading operational planning efforts. In doing so you’ll lead the company’s core operations and employee productivity - bringing customers excellent internet service by responding to their needs and developing excellent staff members. 

You will continue to build on a highly inclusive culture that pushes team members to thrive and meet organisational objectives. You’ll have the attention to detail needed to adhere to company, legal, and hyper local business requirements, ensuring compliance by taking action when necessary.

Your Core Responsibilities:

Maximise Business Outcomes by:

  • Leading the operational planning and implementation process,
  • Developing our Core Operations in order to support those plans by ensuring KPIs are tracked, understood and incorporated to iterated plans that achieve corporate strategy,
  • Fostering a growth-oriented, positive and encouraging environment while keeping employees and management accountable to company policies, customers and the communities we serve.
  • Managing a diverse team of leaders that need to inspire, train and evaluate very junior staff members across headquarter functions and distal Field teams.

Directly Led Business Functions

  • Customer Operations - Field and HQ Service Delivery 
    • Sales + After-Sales Service Operations
    • FinOps
    • Technical Teams
  • Network Infrastructure + Technical Operations
  • Finance + Legal + Compliance
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Bespoke Software Product
  • Human Resources 

As a member of the ExCo, you will influence and support: 

Marketing + Communications

Business Development


  • Work with the CEO and CFO in the capital raise process, participate in the company’s road shows.  Meet, interact and present information effectively to potential investors and private equity firms.

Your Objectives + KPIs

Developing a world-class Human Capital development program. 

Maintain Core Values through Rapid Change

  • Integrate and steward debt + equity investments
  • Achieve revenue growth targets
  • Hire + manage three-digit growth staff growth
  • Enter new regional markets
  • Develop Regional General Managers

Requirements, Qualifications and Experience

  • 10+ years operational experience
  • Operations, Finance or Management degree
  • Excellent Operational Planning and Implementation Skills
  • Demonstrable Operational Excellence at Scale
  • Very strong Leadership skills
  • Willingness to travel extensively to support new market operations

Desired Qualifications and Experience

  • Partnership integration experience
  • Corporate fundraising + board reporting experience
  • Scaling a startup and acquisition integration experience 
  • Experience serving the mass market solutions

Telecommunications experience will provide strong context, but is not deemed necessary for success in this role.

If you consider yourself to be a high-performing executive with a strong interest in socially driven business models, have a desire to help others, are curious about technology, and have a passion to make the customer experience a bit more human; we look forward to hearing from you.

If after reading all of this you still think this ‘fits’ then please apply here.


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