Career vs job: Following your passion

It’s still the start of the new year and many people use this as an opportunity for reflection and to start anew. It is a time of goal setting and an eagerness for change. This change may include new routines, habits, hobbies and even a new job. Many people seek to change their career in the new year. After being on a break in the December holidays, they realise how much they are dreading going back to work. This reflection ignites a desire to follow your true passion, prompting people to consider making changes in their careers.

We often use ‘job’ and ‘career’ interchangeably, but they are not quite the same thing. A job is the work you perform for an individual or a business in exchange for money. A job can be part-time, full-time, or temporary, and it may include benefits offered by the company. Some jobs require specialized training, such as an advanced degree or a level of experience.

Like a job, a career is work you perform in exchange for money. However, while a job is a paid role or task, a career is a long-term professional journey. A career is the culmination of years of experience. It requires industry-specific skills you learn and develop over time. 

A career is a series of jobs within a single professional field. Often this field is something you are passionate about or interested in. Every job you have throughout your professional life will advance that career, leading to more responsibilities and higher pay. Although, money is not the only factor within careers. People tend to find fulfillment by following a meaningful career. 

It is possible for a job to develop into a career. When you are passionate about the industry or company you are working for, you are able to use your passion to drive the progression of your professional journey. Seeking growth and skills development opportunities is a very practical way to turn a job into a career. This could involve taking on new challenges at work, taking additional courses to develop new skills, or improving your existing ones. By doing this, you are able to grow personally and professionally, enabling you to take on more responsibilities. 

By adopting a passion for your job and developing a career mindset, you’re likely to experience job satisfaction and fulfillment. You are not just performing tasks for the paycheck at the end of the month; you are contributing to a larger vision that aligns with your passions, interests and values. 

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