Be data-wise with your usage this JanuWorry

Learning how your device uses data is the easiest save you can make this JanuWorry. No one wants to run out of data sooner than they’ve expected! TooMuchWifi is committed to helping you understand how you can optimise your phone’s data usage. 

Here are some tips to help you save on your data usage:

  1. Disable background data

Our smartphones are always working to keep apps updated, back up photos and send notifications. This means our phones are constantly connected to the internet and consuming data, whether we know it or not. 

To reduce the amount of data apps use, go into the app’s settings and disable mobile data to stop apps from using data.

  1. Download on wifi

Want to watch a video or listen to your friend’s voicenote while on the way to work? Make sure you download the video or audio using your TooMuchWifi Uncapped Line at home before leaving. 

Video and audio files are a lot larger than text, which means it needs more data to download the file. By downloading everything on wifi, you are protecting your data and still able to enjoy your favourite YouTuber while on the way to work.

  1. Set a data limit and turn on data saver mode

A helpful way to ensure you stay data-wise, set a limit on the amount of data your Android device uses. You can do this in your device’s Settings.

By setting a data limit, you can set a data warning so that you know when you’re running out of data. This will mean your device stops using data after a certain point. 

When all else fails, there’s always data saver mode. This mode will completely stop all of your phone’s data usage by disallowing all apps to run background data.