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Community Technicians

We are looking for entrepreneurial community leaders with DSTV or IT networking experience experience in various Cape Town townships including Langa, Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha, Joe Slovo and Dunoon.

If you’re currently working but have a few days off each week, we can begin working with you!

Do you love great teams? Do you love your community? Do you hold yourself accountable for your mistakes and learn from them? If you also love the internet and are looking for a personal and financially rewarding challenge… then we want to talk to you.

TooMuchWifi delivers affordable premium internet to Township communities in South Africa; our mission is to do this quickly, profitably and sustainably.

We’re not a traditional “low-cost internet provider” - this isn’t about internet handouts, limited bandwidth, bad user experiences or walled gardens. It’s the internet, delivered fast: just the way you’d want it delivered to you with world class customer service and a deep sense of accountability.

TooMuchWifi was founded by people passionate about technology and social justice with a global track record of delivering services and technologies to new markets and a shared mission for bridging the digital divide across the world.

Who we are looking for:

We are currently looking for ambitious and entrepreneurially minded “nerds” that have technical experience cabling professionally (networking, DSTV, etc) to develop our network in their home communities.

Personality, initiative, passion and humility will make up for gaps in specific experience: you are *not* expected to arrive with all the right answers, you *will* be expected to leverage past experience, research and iterate on best practices and implement tailored solutions.

Key Trait: Truly excellent attention to detail. You take great pride in your work and realize that 5 extra minutes spent revising your installation means hours or days or saved time in the future! Examples of successful team members have been former DSTV installers and IT networking technicians.

Job Description:

Our Mission is to quickly and responsibly build a profitable internet access network to the under connected urban population of South Africa.

This role operates on the front line: you will be much more than a simple “Installer” or “Technician” you are the technical leader for the community, delivering excellence and communicating effectively with customers and our team in order to get there. You will work with your local business partner to ensure that your customers are thrilled with TooMuchWifi’s service - and that means working hard and creatively to quickly respond to network issues. You will help manage installation and maintenance operations, and will often be responsible for preparing set the tone for how TooMuchWifi is perceived and delivered in your community. You’ll be accountable to your customers, too, and be responsible for developing relationships and learning from our customers so that we provide them the solutions that they want.

This role *especially* must demonstrate the company’s core value of accountability - we deliver premium internet, and if we fail we need to fix whatever is broken, quickly. You will listen to customers and help the entire team understand what exactly is wrong and then implement an action plan to make our customers happy.

We want to talk to people with experience managing expectations and delivering customer solutions. Sometimes this will mean going above and beyond what you ever thought was expected of you, and you will have the backing of the company’s executives assure you can deliver the best service possible.

Customer Happiness Responsibilities

Documentation Responsibilities

These are only the *explicit* responsibilities: To succeed you’ll be flexible, humble, hungry and excited to promote the success of TooMuchWifi by taking initiative and executing at a world class level.


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