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TooMuchWifi delivers affordable premium internet to consumers in underserved urban communities.

Our customers currently spend up to 30% of their income on data from mobile telecommunication operators: we offer 20x more bandwidth value

Organisations struggle to engage digitally with our audience. We offer organisations exposure and valuable consumer insight, consumers have their voices heard, and together we bridge the digital divide.


Our customers currently spend up to 30% of their income on data from mobile telecommunication operators: we offer 20x more bandwidth value

  • Our consumers get between 5 and 20x more bandwidth value, in accessible denominations at convenient community locations
  • Our access point hosts get internet access and an opportunity to extend their business with digital products and services
  • We promote access to modern digital services and offer sponsored, free to access, education and health content
  • We are an employee-owned company made up of executives, customer service and technical teams that come directly from the communities we serve


By equipping township consumers with great internet, we create a powerful communication platform between consumers and brands:

  • Consumers who were historically data-strapped can now enjoy internet freedom and consume digital content with out worrying about what it will do to their data bill
  • Brands can now reach previously hard-to-reach audiences, opening up a whole new world of research and marketing opportunities with this target market
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Why TooMuchWifi?

Our Technology

  • Our network supports all (even “outdated”) Wifi-enabled mobile devices
  • Our Wifi routers are simple to install and communicate with each other, allowing the community to quickly extend the network
  • Our Wifi routers are tough, secure, and can take a battering
  • Our Wifi signal is available right there where our audiences are, be it in the hair salon, barber shop, spaza, tavern, on the way to school or even at home
  • Our Wifi routers do smart caching of frequently used content, giving users a smoother, faster experience

Our Audience

  • We work in large “mass market” communities that are paying too much for bandwidth to explore the internet freely
  • Brands and organisations can now reach this important audience and offer surveys, bespoke content, new marketing campaigns, and even do brand activations that require an internet connection
  • Our consumers now have the opportunity to explore the internet without financial impediments, to find e-learning platforms, e-commerce solutions, and access modern apps (and cat videos)

Our Team

  • TooMuchWifi’s strong relationships with community leaders and business owners whose businesses benefit from becoming our Wifi hotspots, together ensuring the network is both protected and promoted
  • The community drives hotspot location selections, bringing internet to the most popular locations and giving TooMuchWifi a community endorsed footprint
  • Employee ownership and hyper-local hiring for customer and technical support teams promote accountability to our consumers and access-point hosts; ultimately helping retain value and develop solutions at the community level


We're looking for amazing people to join us getting the world connected.

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